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Duy Le

CEO & Founder of Smarting Goods

Marketing Consultant Specialist

  • How did you get started ?
  • What is your motivation ?

  • How do i contact you ?

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” — Henry Ford

Duy Le

Turn dreams into reality

    What problem are you trying to solve?

    Can i install the website myself ?2021-03-06T03:26:52-05:00

    Yes, of course ! back in college before i started building this network i had a vision of having site that visitor can come in , pick the templates they like and easily signup for it with domain name attach to it. a few years later, here a am building website my clients and making youtube tutorials videos to show you how to install a website with smartinggoods.com

    can i use my own custom domain name to to connect to your website ?2021-03-06T03:27:16-05:00

    Yes absolutely. when signup for the website, after pick the template you can continue to create an account with us, during that process the system will ask you to pick the domain name you want, you can simply skip to the next step and once you are activated the website in the wordpress dashboard, in your account tab you can simply plugin the domain there. don’t forget to copy the ip address and go to your domain provider to point the domain to the website.

    is your website responsive ?2021-03-06T03:27:29-05:00

    Yes, our website are professionally built and all of them are responsive . They are fast and work on literally any devices.

    Are your payment gateway secured ?2021-03-06T03:27:40-05:00

    We used stripe as our main payment gateway and stripe is known for its security encrypted transaction . So all of your billing informations are safe with us .

    How to stay in touch with you ?2021-03-06T03:27:55-05:00

    you can contact me via email at smartinggoods@gmail.com or via phone number at 617 – 318 – 8263 or via the chat box in a lower right corner.

    what was your motivation to build the website ?2021-03-06T03:28:08-05:00

    when i was young i didnt have a personal computer, so when i first move to America, during my high school year i was expose to myspace (yes ! remember myspace ?) and how you can customize its pages with html and css. Ever since i have this weird relationship with building website & its application for everyday life. doesnt matter what i do or where i go, i always come back to create website. i guess to answer the question is my motication to build this website is PASSION for Website :))

    What is your future for smartinggoods.com2021-03-06T03:28:22-05:00

    My goal for the future is to create more video tutorials as well as web application to not just local business but all businesses and to be honest help company grow to its full potentials.


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