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How to create simple restaurant website

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How to create a website for restaurant business ?

Create simple restaurant website could be the best thing that happen for your business. As you might know, we are living in the era of internet. Your website will be your best online presentation, it help promote your business 24/7. Unlike social media and other online services, you can customize almost every aspect of it. Best of all it is very simple to own a website now, you dont need to be a geek to create a website. By browsing the theme library to pick a pre-built website you like, Within a few steps you will be able to install the website . “As of today if you dont have a website, you are not in business. “

Is create simple restaurant website expensive

Frankly No, create a restaurant website is not expensive at all. In order to create any website you would need :

  • a domain name (the URL name of your business .com)
  • a hosting plan (a server that host your website images and files 24/7 )
  • Ssl certificate if you a planning to secure your website.
  • A content management system aka CMS (for example WordPress is a powerful CMS that power over 60% website in the world )
  • A prebuilt theme (this could save you month from designing a website from scratch)

All of the above would be costly (money, time and energy) if we would get it from different sources and try to connect them together. It would even take the skill programmer sometime to put up a website. That is not including the cost to hire a developer to design a website for you. I mean if you don’t have the time or the in-house resources to do it , it is best to have a designer on deck as they will help you troubleshoot any issue you might have. But other than that you can easily install the website hosting package that includes all the requirement to own a website.

is create simple restaurant website difficult

The answer is no, it is not difficult to at all create a simple restaurant website. Maybe a few year before it was difficult because there isnt alot of useful information to show you the proper way to create a simple website but now thank you SmartingGoods for putting all of the pieces together (domain, hosting, ssl certificate, website demos) that enable small business owner to install and design a website in just 5 steps

hosting plan for creating simple restaurant website

  • Step 2 : browse or search our theme library to pick one you like (this will come with all the demos, exactly how it look )

prebuilt theme library

  • Step 3 : enter your website’s title (this could be the name of your business ) and URL address (this will be use to populate the domain name in the next step)

create simple restaurant website by entering website information step

  • Step 4 : pick a free custom domain name

pick a free domain name

  • Step 5 : enter user information to create a login account

create account with smartinggoods.com

  • Final Step : Activate website by entering the payment method.
activate website by entering payment method

activate website by entering payment method


secure checkout with stripe payment gateway to activate create simple restaurant website

secure checkout with stripe payment gateway

Thats it !! now you are in business. you are successfully install your first SmartingGoods website.

backend of create simple restaurant website post

backend dashboard of website

*NOTE : if you already have a domain name whether from (godaddy, google domain etc…) you can easily go to your DNS dashboard to create a CNAME record point to our server ip address, then plugin your domain address in the dashboard above. 

how to design a simple restaurant website ?

Requirement :

  • the will to learn
  • A computer
  • Internet connection
  • Basic computer knowledge

Begin Design

– As you can see after install our pre-built theme, all the demo contents are there and ready for you to customize.



to make changes all we have to do is simply visit the site we want and click the “edit with elementor ” button. If you not familiar with Elementor, it is a very popular page builder that help it user edit content by click drag and drop. Here is an introduction to elementor which would help you better understand the basic editing. 

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