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Custom Website Design Services




  • responsive website design
  • professional template
  • online booking system
  • customer booking award (offer customer discount when they book online )
  • mobile app (check customer appointments)
  • automatic email (ask customer feedback & google review)
  • ecommerce online store
  • hotel system
  • informational website
  • dealership website
  • Restaurant online order


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Additional charge

– we aim to provide you the best service at an affordable price but here is some extra cost to run a website

  1. Domain name – this is the name of your website ( yourbusiness.com )
  2. Hosting – this is the server that run 24/7 that make it always available for your customer to visit your business online
  3. SSL Certificate – this is security to keep your website data (your customers and yours information )  secured from internet hackers

* If you already have any of these we can help you install them for your business website

* We do offer all 3 of these services ( domain, hosting, ssl certificate ) for just $30 / month

* Please keep in mind $350 is the charge for custom website design for your online business

After purchase 

  • we will contact you to to pick out your website template
  • we will ask you to provide us images & information of your business
  • we will give you an estimate on the project completion
  • during the time we will continue to update you with the progress of building your website via email

Estimate of completion

  • usually it take maximum about 2 weeks to complete the website,  but sometimes when things come up it might take longer. dont worry we will always keep you in the loop.
  • please let us know if you have a deadline for your project


our message

– we understand the important of your business so we will try our best to add as much value to your business

– It doesn’t matter if its 3am in the morning you can always call me if you have any issue with your business and we will try our best to help you.


Additional information

Website Type

Online Store, Nails Website, Construction Website, Restaurant Website, Hotel Website, Ecommerce Website, Informational website, other

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