Design Website From Photoshop 

– This was the first project we do and sure it was very fun and easy. Knowing Thanh the owner of SwooshKilla’s Brand from a site call Fivver.com. Because of his trust in our services we were able to build a couple of sites for them. The first site was just a simple informational site that design to his like, but the second one Thanh wanted his site to look exactly like the photoshop mockup file that he and his friend come up with. Basically they just need somebody to to the pieces together and we were happy to delivery it. Honestly at first i was very nervous as you might know we are a young company and this was our first design from mockup. But because i was determine to make it happen for my customer so i spend day and night to get it done on time for Thanh. and now with the website running, working flawlessly to bring in that revenue.